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You should always warm up first and cool down and stretch afterward

I had planned to go downtown today to apply for a Christmas temporary positions but I hurt too much to be moving around. Yesterday, since I was taking picture, I wanted to get at least one of my new pole trick. I set the timer on the camera but each time I leaped upside down onto the pole the momentum of the kick and and the flip would twist me around on the pole and I would end up with a picture of the back of the tick. I kept setting the timer and kept flipping up onto the pole from different positions on the floor, but each time I would end up twisting around it too much to get a good shot. When I finally managed to take the picture at the perfect angle, the camera spazzed out and totally blurred it. So I kept trying.

The good news is that I did the trick so many times in a row that I'm not likely to ever forget how to do it. The bad news is that I pulled up my entire body weight up over my head again and again without warming up, cooling down, or stretching (since I was in the middle of a photo shoot). Now my neck hurts, my back hurts, and most of all my biceps and the tendons between my biceps and my forearms hurt like crazy. Oh yeah, and I messed up the trick once and bruised my ribs. I got a couple shots and one is nearly at a good angle but not quite. But they will have to do. Hopefully by Wednesday my muscles will heal and I can try the trick for the first time on the rotating pole at the Vogue.

upside down

pole trick

For some reason it just doesn't look like much in the pictures. Maybe it's just one of those tricks you have to see in person.

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