Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Thursday night

How is it that I managed to dance myself into an exhausted, sweaty, worn out heap last night yet still feel like I could dance more today? It's the must be the high. I swear the DJ played SO much good music back to back last night that I was certain she was trying to see if I could dance myself to death. Quite a change considering how badly the music sucked last Thursday. It was so bad in fact that the dance floor was virtually empty all night. Last night it was packed.

I managed to pull together from my closet yet another clothing/accessory combination into an outfit I've never worn before. At first it was going to be an old standby, a sexy halter top with a sheer ankle length skirt. But after I put on the top, the hot pants (that go underneath the skirt) and thigh high PVC boots, I got a look in the mirror. And I thought...hey now...that's really the mood I'm in! So instead of a skirt I wrapped a net see through beaded hip scarf around the hot pants and went to the club in the outfit. This time I didn't even make it out of coat check (i.e. 2.5 seconds after I took off my coat) before I began to get compliments. Yay!

Danced myself into a frenzy, had some wonderful exchanges with friends, left beaming. Made a mental note to talk to some one there later about installing a pole at the club. There's one regular girl there who very obviously, by her dancing and unusual moves, is a former exotic dancer. No doubt she could work a pole (if they had one) like a pro. Honestly, I don't understand why all clubs don't have dancing poles.

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