Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

4th upside down pole trick - and proud of it!

It's becoming obvious to me that the only thing that really motivates me to push myself beyond (what I perceive as) my limits on the pole is actually seeing and being in awe of what other people can do on it - and wanting it badly enough. Check out THIS POST in malixe's journal and you'll see, among the pictures, one of Raven's incredible pole tricks. I have one word to describe that trick...WANT!

I've tried it on my own at home before but could never really quite get how to let go of the pole long enough to arch my back and reach over my head with one hand. But this time, after seeing that picture of Raven, I was really motivated to break the move down and get it right. It won't look the way she does it at first (with no hands), the beginning stages of this trick will look like this when I do it:

pole trick

And I did it! Okay, not the perfect form as in the picture. But for the first time I ever I got one knee wrapped around the pole, the other leg bent back, and I reached down below my head with one of my hands just like the picture. Just one problem, I was slowly sliding downward! I did the trick a second time, trying even harder to grip the pole with my right leg. But again I managed this beautiful upside down trick but with a slightly noticeable descent downward.

I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong. Are my legs not strong enough? Is my skin too smooth against the steel plated pole? I wish I knew why my leg can't get a solid grip around the pole. Well for now the important thing is that I did it! I now have four upside down pole tricks in my repertoire! This one gets a high five emoticon!! high five

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