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what do you believe about death?

One thing I was not expecting from Jackie Pflug’s book was an account of her near death experience. As she lay dying on the tarmac with a head wound, she had what she describes as a very real experience. I won’t go into detail about it but it was strikingly similar to most of the near death accounts I have read about. Almost all of them involve leaving the body and a very peaceful, loving “light”.

</font>I have a special interest in NDE (near death experiences) because of an out of body experience I once had. While I wasn’t suffering from any injuries at the time, I knew when I was experiencing it that it was remarkably similar to accounts of NDE. And the feeling of overwhelming peace that happened at that moment was a valuable memory. Now I know that when people die, they experience far more love and peace than our human comprehension can describe. But I also understand that people believe different things about death and their own beliefs can influence what they experience.

Years after surviving the hijacking, Jackie Pflug was the lead guest on an episode of the Donahue show on NDE. All of the guests had similar accounts of what it is like to die. All of them left their bodies and all of them had contact with something they described as “light” or “peace”. One man on the Donahue show with her was trapped under a bulldozer and as he left his body he could see and hear everything that was going on around him. He should not have known any of this since he was unconscious (the bulldozer forced the air from his lungs as it crushed him and he was unconscious and not breathing). Yet after it was over he was able to describe accurately what transpired during his rescue, including accurate accounts of conversations around him.

Another woman who appeared on the Donahue Show died during a surgery and was even pronounced dead by the surgeons. One of the things she recalled during the NDE was meeting her dead baby brother. This didn’t make sense since she never had a brother. She went on to tell her friends and family, after the experience, all about her baby brother. Everyone told her she must have hallucinated because she never had a brother. Her father finally took her aside and apologized for never telling her. Her mother was in fact pregnant with a boy at one time but it died in miscarriage.

I realize, of course, that these are evidence of my beliefs and that everyone has a different concept of what happens during and after death. I’d like to know what other people’s opinions are.


What happens when we die?

I do not believe in life after death. We just stop existing after we die.
I believe in life after death.
I believe in reincarnation.
I believe where we go after we die is determined by how we live our lives.
I believe what we see and experience during death depends on our individual beliefs.
I believe that when we die we are reunited with deceased loved ones.
I believe that when we die we get help to the other side from guides, angels or deceased loved ones.
I don't have any concrete beliefs about life after death and don't know what will happen after I die.
I am afraid of death.
Other (post in comment)

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