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more on Miles To Go...

Follow up to yesterday's post. The most intense part of "Miles To Go Before I Sleep" are the moments Jackie spends waiting to die. There are only three Americans on the plane, including herself. Their hands are tied behind their backs and they are moved to seats at the front of the plane. One of them, a man, is brought up and executed first. She and the remaining American, Scarlet, can hear the sound of his body tumbling down the metal stairs to the tarmac.

As Jackie and Scarlet wait their turn, they form an indescribable bond. Jackie knows that Scarlet will be the last person to see her alive (not counting the hijacker doing the executions) and she is the last person that will see Scarlet alive. They form a bond born from fear but nurtured by the need to comfort and console one another in their last moments. They both cry and eventually Scarlett begs Jackie to pray for her. Jackie prays for her, for them both, and finally finds peace and acceptance of whatever will happen to her.

Scarlet is the next to go and in an ironic twist, her death teaches Jackie to survive. After being shot and shoved down the stairs, Scarlet is still alive and conscious. She starts to move, attempting to crawl. The hijacker sees that she is moving and he shoots her three more times at point blank range. When it is Jackie's turn, and she survives the gunshot to the head and the fall, she knows not to move. She plays dead so that the hijakers won't shoot her. She owes her life to Scarlet.

It's mind blowing that two people can form a closer bond in one hour than most people share in a lifetime. Yet these two did. And I can't begin to imagine what it's like to form such an intense bond only to watch that person be dragged away and killed before your eyes. I am totally and completely humbled by reading this woman's story and what she has survived. And this is only the beginning.

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