Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I don't drink coffee...but I'm hitting the ceffeinated tea today

Had a fabulous time out Thursday night as always. Thursday has become my favorite night of the week...even if I do need a little caffeine kick the next day after being out so late!

As soon as I finished dressing to go out last night I suddenly regretted that I couldn't take a picture of my outfit because it came out far better than I ever expected! I love dressing up for Thursday nights because I never get to dress up when I go to the Vogue (Halloween being the exception). Because I have to wear PVC pants in order to use the pole at the Vogue, all my skirts and other beautiful long flowy things are out of the question. So I actually feel deprived and sometimes downright un-pretty at the Vogue.

But the club I go to on Thursdays is my chance to mull through my closet in search of something that makes me a girl. And if I don't find something that suits my mood I'll often pull out something that isn't club worthy and take a pair of scissors to it and transform it into something that is.

Last night I put together some things in a combination that I have never worn them before. It included a PVC skirt that used to be pants until I shredded them with scissors. Now it flows and flies around me beautifully. When I walked into the club and took off my coat it was as if the whole room took notice. I couldn't even make it half way across the room before a girl I've never met before stopped me to tell me, "You look beautiful tonight." Before I could finish making it to the other side another person told me I looked "stunning". I got that feeling again of an artist being appreciated for her work. Because to me dressing for club (at least when it isn't the Vogue) is an opportunity to turn your body into a canvas and both express yourself and dress it and transform it into something aesthetically pleasing. And I did! I heard "stunning" more times last night than I have ever heard in one night. People introduced themselves to me just to chat and tell me how much they enjoyed what I was wearing.

I enjoyed time with friends last night as well as making a few new ones. I'll spare you all the long list of LJ handles of everyone I saw and hung out with, lets just say I was extremely happy with the turn out. And I really enjoyed seeing and talking with friends who I know outside of the club and had never seen there at the club until last night. I tried to pace myself on the dance floor because last Thursday I wore myself out pretty early. Pacing didn't really help. After a while I was so tired I would sink into the chair I was sitting on and eventually, as one person put it, become one with the chair. And then every once in a while a good song would rouse me back out to the dance floor.

Last night was the first time I took home more than one phone number. Although it wasn't for the purpose of dating or anything like that. It was basically that I was trying to figure out if some of the regular folks I enjoy were going to be there next Thursday in spite of it being a holiday. When they asked me in return if I would be there I generally answered, "I'm not sure." So a couple people asked if they could give me their phone number so I could call them if I decided to show up next week. After all, no one wants to go to the club on Thanksgiving if the people they enjoy seeing and hanging out with aren't going to be there. Each time I got a number I would stuff it down into my PVC boot so I wouldn't lose it. Apparently one guy caught this little ritual each time I did it. Because as I stuffed the last phone number down my boot he said, "I'm surprised you can still walk with the number of phone numbers you've put in your boots tonight!" Well...that caught me off guard, but was funny none the less.

As I was leaving one boy with glasses stopped to introduce himself just so he could tell me what a treat it was to watch me dance. This pleased me endlessly as I once again had that artists being appreciated feeling. And I never forget that it can take a lot of courage for some one to approach a strange girl in a club and risk introducing themselves and giving her such a heart felt compliment. They never know if she's going to turn out to be mean and just shrug them off. So I feel very honored every time some one is moved enough by my dancing to take that risk.

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