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socks and cat


I was really moved by this image taken by words_spoken:


It somehow manages to remind me of the some of the more innocent moments of my childhood and yet also makes me feel all romantic and gushy and happy inside. If I were going to send out X-mas cards this year, this is the image I would want on them.

To see more of her beautiful photographs, check out this post.


That is indeed gorgeous.

I am in awe of people who can take good pictures of "not-people."
it looks pretty, but very creepy and alien to me.
There is a tiny little town, just inside of Montana where in the winter time the steam coming off of the water of the river crystalizes when it comes into contact with any surface during the winter. The whole town looks like it is encased in crystals. It is gorgeous and I wished that I had gotten a picture that day I drove through.
!!!, do you know the name? i feel a *road-trip* coming on!
Me too! Take me with you!
No, I cant remember what the name of the town was. I only remember that the river was on the south side of the interstate, it was pretty seculuded, and it was not very far into Montana.
This actually reminds me of last year.

Remember when I drove you home and it was snowing?

Ahh....Good times. ;)

wow, that's beautiful. nice find!