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An attitude of gratitude (a stranger talks to Kitten)

A total stranger comes up to me at the Mercury last night and says, "I saw you at the Vogue." He wasn't clear about whether or not he saw me pole dancing or just regular dancing. But he followed up with, "I just had to tell you that you're an incredible dancer and a beautiful woman."! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate it endlessly when my friends say things like this to me. But it means SO much to me when a stranger does this. Because it takes courage. I mean he's taking a risk. He's risking the chance that I could be a total stuck up bitch and look at him and go, "yeah, whatever."

Whenever a stranger does this, and it's happened before, I always try to remember to give them a hug along with my thank you. It is one of my deepest wishes that I always remain grateful and gracious. I view every compliment like this as if it were the very first ever. If I ever stop doing this, then I should stop dancing altogether. Gratitude is the key to a happy life.

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