Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Hello target, meet Mr. 9mm

I told Shane about my weekend plans last night and he didn't flip out. So if he can handle it then I think the rest of the world can:

First it was swords... it was Kung Fu....

and now I add to my reperatoire....

On Saturday and Sunday this weekend myself and another friend will be taking an NRA Education & Training Division class called Basic Pistol. Would anyone else like to join us?

The class is $50 for Saturday and Sunday (a total of 12 hours of training) and will teach you everything from the different kinds of guns to how to handle, load, shoot, and care for them safely. The class is held at gun range where they will teach you different shooting techniques. This class is not just for potential gun owners but for anyone who might enjoy target shooting and would like to rent guns and practice at some of the local ranges.

girl with gun

Course Goal: To teach the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely.

Lesson I: Pistol Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling.

Lesson II: Ammunition Knowledge and the Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting

Lesson III: Firing the First Shots

Lesson IV: Two-Handed and One-Handed Standing Shooting Positions

Lesson V: Pistol Sports and Activities, Summary and Exam

We supply all firearms, ammunition, safety equipment, etc.

Click Here

This is not my first time shooting guns but it has been years so it's like starting over again. Wish me luck!

And just an FYI - This post does NOT advocate gun ownership, violence, game hunting or the NRA.

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