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Anyone speak German?

I got a call from the director of the show I'll be performing in. First of all he couldn't find anyone to listen to my song and make sure the German lyrics are clean. It's up to me now. Anyone speak German???

Then he prefaces the rest of the conversation by telling me this has nothing to do with the quality of my dancing but...
Basically he's concerned the audience might not be able to concentrate on just one person dancing for 4 minutes and 12 seconds. He says if they see the same moves more than once they get bored. Ugh! Little does he know! I wish I could tell him how many people have told me they were "mesmerized" by my dancing at the Vogue. But then again, at the Vogue I can wear what I want to wear and dance the way I feel like dancing. He puts too many limits on me.

Anyway, he has two suggestions. The first was that he wants to have two men actually carry me out on stage at the beginning. He thinks it will be nice to have more people on stage and it will use up at least 30 seconds. And I'm thinking...ummmm....okay. How dramatic!

Second he suggested shortening the song. So I told him I would see what I could do about finding some one who can edit down the music.

I was diplomatic and kind about the whole thing. But inside I'm pretty peeved. I mean there's two parts to this show, the performance art and the visual art (visual arts will be on display for two hours before the show). And I bet none of the visual artists, after submitting their work, were asked to make changes. I mean can you imagine some one saying, "could you mute the use of yellow in this painting...and maybe paint more clothes on the woman in the picture?"

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