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Kitten's body says NO!

I'm now up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds of finished choreography! I know what you're thinking. Isn't that only 14 seconds more than last time? It was an uphill battle.

After warming up I discovered that I was tired. The normal creative process wasn't happening and my body didn't really cooperate. It just kept telling me...we did this yesterday dammit! No more dancing! NO!

So I'm really frustrated because I passed up a chance to see the new pirate movie as well as skipping goth coffee night so I could work on choreography tonight. I'll be damned if this time was going to go to waste! So I popped in the "Art of Erotic Dancing" video to try and learn a few new moves.

I did. Learn some new ones that is. I learned a crouched hip roll and how to do a hip roll while on my knees. I showed it to my roommate shivacat as I said, "why does this move look so dirty?" She said, "Well duh! Because it IS dirty!" I didn't think about that. I was hoping this video would give me more sensual moves. I don't want to look like a tart on the dance floor!

As far as floor moves go, I learned how to do something with my legs called "the cricket." Amy showed me that the cricket is even sexier if you arch your head back while you do it. If I end up going to the Vogue on Friday, and I have any dance left in me, I will try out my new floor moves after I do a little pole spinning.

So after getting "in the mood" with a little dirty dancing, I shifted gears and put on my E Nomine music to churn out a little choreography. Although I kept fighting the temptation to drop to my knees and start choreographing on the floor. But of course even graceful moves (of the non-erotic variety) on the floor would probably not be acceptable in this venue. No matter how clean you choreograph it, there's just something hot about a girl dancing on her knees. Am I wrong?

Body is tired now. Maybe even a little mad at me. It most likely will not cooperate tomorrow night either. It will be sore tomorrow. It needs rest. I may have to wait until Saturday to do more choreography. I also need to tone down my moves. A hip roll or two seems to have crept into my dance. I've decided to go to all the rehearsals in baggy sweats and a big t-shirt and just hope they don't notice!!!! Yeah right. I can just hear the director now saying, "Uhhhhmmm....could you NOT do this dance like a tart?"

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