Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Pole work last Saturday (and other pole stories)

Taken at the Vogue last Saturday:

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So I was at the Fenix on Monday night having a conversation with some one when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I had to stop mid conversation as I was immediately drawn to it. A pole! When did they install a pole at the Fenix? I instantly gravitated toward it and found myself suddenly very disappointed that I was wearing a floor length gown. :(

My long gown was not the only reason I couldn't play on the pole that night. For some reason the pole was installed right up against a foot high step. This would have made it difficult, if not downright impossible, to walk around it in a way that gives you enough momentum to do twirling tricks. And even if I could get the momentum to do it, in spite of being slowed down to step up and down off that step, landing could have been dangerous. Some tricks require that you land on your knees or your back, both of which would hurt like hell if you spun them into that foot high ledge...wham! What turkey at Fenix decided to put a *&^%$#@! pole right up against a step/ledge? Tease!

The pole at Noc Noc is even more dangerous. It was put up on one of the small go-go stages, but it was put directly on the very edge (apparently this was the only place they could find a stud int he ceiling to mount it). This makes it physically impossible to walk around the pole, thus spinning tricks are completely out of the question. You can't do it at all without falling three feet down onto your head, back, or knees. Hanging upside down tricks are still possible but still dangerous as you could easily fall off the stage since the pole is right on the very edge of it. How frustrating to finally have a pole at Noc Noc and only be able to a few simple moves like undulations and stripper grinds. :(

And finally Saturday at the Vogue I attempted the new pole trick I just learned. Much to my disappointment I found I couldn't get a leg lock secure enough on that pole to let go and hang upside down with no hands. To make matters worse, anticipation was building in the club crowd. Every time I would climb the pole to attempt the trick they would cheer or howl with excitement. I couldn't let them down so I abandoned the new trick and swung upside down and hung by my legs and one hand (pictured above - photo taken by darkmane). This is an older trick, not the new one. I tried the new one several more times, so many times in fact that Mony finally got up on the stage and offered to spot me. It didn't help. And imagine how much more frustrating it was when I went home at the end of the night, attempted the trick again on the pole in my bedroom, and executed it successfully! However when practicing pole work last night I could barely do it. I'm still getting a grasp on this trick so I need to stop trying to perform it in public. Like any other art form, dancing (and pole dancing) takes practice. Sometimes I get impatient and just want to do all I can do before I've properly mastered it.

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