Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

The dramatic story of a tooth

My upper lip is still numb. I just got back from the dentist and I am a happy camper! I finally got the chip in my front tooth repaired. I acquired the chip in January at the worst possible time and it’s been bothering me ever since.

It was a first date and since we had spent two months getting to know one another before we met for the first time there was this nervousness about seeing if we found one another attractive when we met for the first time. Date went smoothly enough and after I finished eating I excused myself to the restroom. Of course the first thing I do is check the mirror to make sure I haven’t been talking to this person for an hour or so with food stuck in my teeth. Isn't that just the natural first thing to do? So I check my teeth and I see something much worse than food there. A chip…front tooth…giving me a nice white trash sort of look as if I’ve been chewing beer cans all my adult life and can’t afford to go the dentist and get it fixed because I’m too busy raising five illegitimate kids and falling behind on the rent on my trailer park home.

I shut my eyes like it was some kind of bad dream I could wake up from. I opened them and then checked my teeth again. Yup, nice chip gaping at me from my front tooth. I immediately had that sinking feeling you get after receiving a $350 traffic ticket because I was quite sure that’s what it would cost me to have it repaired. After all, that’s about what I paid for my crown. The thought of blowing all that money, that could be spent on something fun like sexy PVC club clothes, on a stupid tooth chip suddenly made me very depressed. I marched out back to the date like a prisoner walking death row.

My date suggested taking a walk after dinner but I quickly found ways to cover my mouth as I made up a story about being too tired and wanting to go home. And home I went. For days I was upset about the tooth until I began to realize that most people didn’t even notice it. So few people noticed the chip in fact that I just procrastinated getting it fixed. My self esteem is pretty high and so it didn’t take me long to accept that people were still going to like me and even often times find me attractive whether my front tooth is chipped or not. So I let it go and hardly noticed it anymore.

But it's been 10 months and now that it was repaired this morning I’m thrilled to have my happy smile back!!

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