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Girl who dances in a cage

Here comes the Kitten bride...

The costumes and clothes were amazing at Moonday at the Fenix tonight. Just before I left I had my roommate take a quick picture of my costume. You can almost see my bouquet of black and silver flowers that I'm holding in the front. And the dress even has a black sheer train!:

goth bride

Making a wreath and veil to match took much longer than I thought. Twisting the black flowers together (and using thread and tape to keep them from coming apart), and sewing in a few silver ones. The black tule had to be measured and cut, sewed and gathered, and then meticulously sewn onto the wreath carefully so that the thread didn't catch and flatten any of the flower petals. Then I sewed in three little combs so that it would stay in my hair. And after all that I clipped and arranged the silver silk flowers and sewed black tule around them like a bridal arrangement. I think it was past 9:30pm by the time I was done.


</center>You can't see very clearly in this picture but there is a wreath of black and silver flowers around my head along with the black veil.

Click Here

</center>malixe took some pictures of me tonight so hopefully there will be a better one of the dress in there somewhere, including the front of the dress which is also quite beautiful.

More details about the night later...when I have more time to post.
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