Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

my favorite day of the year!

I am excited like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Truly, Halloween IS my Christmas. I don't even celebrate Christmas. So this time of year is the big holiday for me. Or perhaps I should call it my Chanukah since the celebration is being stretched out over several days this year. I can't wait for tonight! I'll be finishing up my costume (one of many costumes) at the last minute. I was even working on the hem at lunch today. Hemming and altering by hand is an act of love because it takes so much work and precision that you really have to have reverence for the garment to put those hours into it.

First event is tonight *bounce* *bounce* then another on Thursday, Friday, Saturday (you can see why I needed 3 costumes this year) and finally fetish night on Sunday. Hey! What's up with Tuesday and Wednesday?! No Halloween or costume events on Tuesday and Wednesday? It's as if those two days are the unwanted step childred of the Halloween season. Poor Tuesday and Wednesday. :( I guess those are the days of rest in between celebrations. Who says there's no rest for the wicked?

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