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Fetish Freak Show Pictures

Maybe it's my experience as an actress or my overgrown sense of responsibility, but I raced to the club to make the 7:00pm performer call time. I arrived at 7:00pm exactly only to find that the call time wasn't quite so rigid and even the make-up artist hadn't arrived yet. Not to worry, that left me plenty of time to get dressed and fool with little emergencies like the fact that the garter belt from Metro was a size too small. Being one of the first people there also gave me dibs on some of the accessories (provided by the show's organizers bdsm_teddy and phelonyproducts) like a big black feather boa and a pair of fake eyelashes.

And then the surprise. As my dreadlocks were being attached and feathers were being glued to my hair I overheard my name mentioned. It turned out one of the models for the fashion show wasn't able to make it and I was suggested to the designer as a substitute. But the hugest surprise was what I got to model! I have never in my life put on a full length, skin tight, PVC catsuit. And let me tell you I have never felt the way that catsuit made me feel when I put it on. Simultaneously sexy yet self-conscious (it hugs every curve), powerful yet vulnerable, catlike and predatory!

Lots of pics below from the Fetish Freak Show last night!

</font>Some of the pictures are small and you can click on them for a larger view...

fashion show

Strutting my stuff on stage...
still wearing my showgirl feathers!


Shiny happy Kitten


CageKitten and blacklove_


Two lovelies in an intimate conversation.


Both showgirls

card girl

I was the card girl right before the contortionist went on.

<td>Kitten and Codexwyrm</td>

Me and
codexwyrm having a fabulous time...
doesn't he look cute in my boa?

Photo by malixe

Kitten and poae play on stage.

<td>Kitten and Poae</td>
Photo by


Photo by

poae and a tattooed beauty

animal training

Animal training

There was quite a surprise to the animal training above. The trainer had her human animal do quite a few tricks including crawling through a hoop. But toward the end he rebelled and attacked her! I've seen shows like this before but not with this unexpected twist. It was almost reminiscent of siegfried and roy tiger as the "animal" crawled on top of her and mauled her. Then you see red flying everywhere and upon closer examination I could see she had stuffed her corset with red scarves so that he could tear at her chest and create the illusion of red "blood" flying from his claws onto the floor. Chilling but very exciting.

A few more pic's in Bloodengel's LJ

Click Here


After the fashion show some one stopped me to tell me how well I "worked it" on stage. This thrilled me since I have never been in a fashion show before and was a little nervous. Maybe I've found a new talent?? Now I know how all those models in the Gothique show last week felt.

Attendance was excellent! The place was packed and rumor has it we beat all 3 events we were competing against.

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