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BEHOLD the power of the 60% off rack!

Yesterday I went to the Metro where bdsm_teddy was helping the performers of next week's Fetish Freak Show pick out costumes for the show. As one of the show girls I was outfitted in red and black. I'll be wearing a striped corset like top with hot shorts and garters and red and black striped stockings. Possibly some feathers in my hair to complete the show girl look.

When we were done putting together my outfit I couldn't resist hitting the 60% off rack in the back of the store and stumbled upon a black PVC waist cincher. At first I was disappointed to find it was a large. But much to my surprise it actually fit me as long it was laced as tightly as it could be. It was on the discount rack because the zipper had a flaw in it and wouldn't open all the way. At first I tried it on by unlacing it (since the zipper wouldn't work). But BDSM_Teddy looked at it and showed me how to push the zipper back on track with a pen so I wouldn't have to lace and unlace it every time I wear it. Instead, I will just have to push the zipper back on track every time I want to take it off.

And here is the new cincher!:


title or description

That's the cincher with a flowy blouse and skirt. I also tried it on with my net outfit to see how it would look for clubs. You can see it with the saucey outfit HERE.

I like the back better than the front? Do you think anyone would notice if I would wore it backward?

The irony of this is that a waist cincher is supposed to make your waist look slimmer. On me, it makes my waist look bigger (which isn't a bad thing when you're tiny). Perhaps this is because it is a large. I probably should not have have bought it since most of my dancing centers around the moves I do with my hips and abs, and this covers all the movement of my abs making my dancing a little less smooth and flowy. But at 60% off I just couldn't resist this litte treat. Although I might just wear it once this Thursday and turn around and sell it.
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