Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

bruises are a sign of a good night, right?

I'm going to hurt tomorrow, not to mention how black and blue my shin and knees will be. And I had NO idea the Vogue was so much fun on a Wednesday night! Some of the happy highlights of tonight:

  • Meeting up with sweetestkiss and meeting her way cool friend who dances beautifully. Said friend taught me a lovely back arch/dip.

  • Meeting up with codexwyrm and yet another cool new friend!

  • Pole dancing until my arms felt like spaghetti and would no longer hold me up...and...hanging and spinning upside down from the pole 3 times. I said 3 times! I rock.

  • Teaching codexwyrm to pole dance. He's a natural. He looks gooooooooood on the pole!

  • Dancing to sweetestkiss's song No Sanctity. Thank you djeternaldarkne for playing it!!!

Teaching codexywyrm was fun. I was showing him a trick in which you start by walking forward around the pole but wind up spinning around backwards and wrapping one knee backwards around the pole to spin, arching back, around the pole. He said to me, "That looks easy." This frustrated me a bit since it was so challenging for me to learn! I thought, no way should he be able to learn so quickly after it took me so long. But sure enough, he had quite a time getting it right and even by the end of the night he didn't quite have it down. But that's okay, because he put his own spin on it and it looked great anyway. Especially with that long PVC trench thing flying about. It made the pole all Matrixy and stuff. On another note, djeternaldarkne got a better look at my new chemical burn scar. I bet he never expected to be using that flashlight in the dj booth to illuminate my breast! And it's official now, my right breast has made me a one woman side show. I guess I'll have to start charging now.

*looks down at hands* Uh-oh. Looks like I'll have some blisters to show off tomorrow as well. Time to start wearing leather gloves again when I pole dance.

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