Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

What upcoming event would this outfit be appropriate for?

There's one outfit I haven't had a chance to wear that I would like to now that I have put on some weight. Although even with the added weight the top and the gloves were still too big. So over the past couple of days I made the gloves smaller and changed the top from a pull over top to a lace up top by adding grommets. And I did this all by hand since I don't know how to use my sewing machine! I tried it on and discovered it looks AMAZING with my new boots!!

Question is, where can I wear it?

It's this outfit:


With these boots:


  • Won't wear it on just a regular club night, it's too revealing for that. It's more for a special occasion.
  • Can't wear it go-go dancing because I can't dance much in those heels.
  • Wouldn't wear it to Gothique because that's actually a pretty classy event and people dress up, not slutty.
  • Wouldn't wear it to Confessional, that's also more of a dress up event and it wouldn't fit the theme of the event.
  • I could wear it to Moonday next month but that club is pretty well lit in places and also I don't know yet if my schedule will permit me to attend.
  • I'd love to wear it for Halloween but I can't think of a costume that it could be made into.

Where can I wear this? Or rather I should ask, to which upcoming gothy event would this attire be appropriate?

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