Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

details of last night

I knew I spent about half the Ministry concert on my knees. What I didn't know, until I got out of the shower just now, is that my knees are bruised from it!

First I was very surprised to find that I enjoyed Hanzel & Gretyl. But I can't figure out how that chick had such a deep masculine voice! Between bands I went downstairs where there was separate music and dancing. I enjoyed dancing so much that I danced through half of the next band's set.

I ended up wearing my PVC bondage pants with a pair of black sneakers that light up at the bottom:


I was a bit worried I would stand out like some kind of raver in my glow shoes. But instead I got lots of compliments, a few people asking me if they were high or if my shoes were actually glowing, and a bunch of people (including the bartender) asking where they can buy them. I may have unintentionally started a new trend.

The fun part of this show was finding and losing so many friends. I lost half the friends I came with pretty quickly. Found others, lost them. Found more, lost them. Found pretty much everyone by the end of the night. But anyway as they were setting up for Ministry I wanted to get a good spot at the balcony to watch since the first floor was so downright dangerous (moshing, thrashing, crowd surfing, etc.). There was no hope for a short girl like myself until I noticed another girl had brought one of the bar stools and got up onto her knees on the stool to see over all the people crowded up at the balcony. I did the same, unknowingly bringing over a wooden bar stool unlike the nice padded bar stool she had. I was only three people back from the balcony railing and once I got up onto my knees on the stool I was taller than everyone and I could see perfectly. I could see the band and I could watch the antics of the crowd below. transcendence1 found me perched on my stool and joined me to watch from the balcony.

Eventually my knees hurt too much from that and I wondered about and found people watching the concert from screens and monitors all over the club. Even the dance floor had the huge movie size screen set up with the concert. The wondering around part was fun as that was what afforded me the most eye candy. Ministry got really political and preachy at the end. I wasn't sure what to think of that.

I think one of the folks in the group I came with knew some one from Ministry or something because there was some talk about joining them for an after party. I was more interested in dancing (of course!) and I went downstairs to the dance floor and requested my favorite club song to dance to only to discover the DJ didn't have it. Why is it that half the DJ's in this town don't have a copy of Wumpscut's "Mother"?

So as a result of this fun evening I have bruised knees, sore legs (all that dancing and standing I guess) and a faded re-entry stamp on my right wrist. Plus I got to hang out with lots of cool people!! It was a fun show and I'm so glad I went!


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