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Housecleaning as a spiritual practice...

It is one of my deepest desires to faithfully stand guard at the portal of my mind. Because any negative thinking about that which is mine to do (or anything for that matter) can only block me from recognizing the good and the gifts in every situation. Yes, even housework. And as the guard at the portal, no negative connotations such as "tedious" or "ick" shall be allowed to pass into the realm of my otherwise blissful thoughts.

A tight schedule of work and rehearsal left me NO time for cleaning. It has now reached the point where my home is no longer just is actually (*gasp*) dirty. I plan to devote the first half of the holiday tomorrow to remedying this situation. This is especially important since transcendence1 will come over on Saturday. He's truly saving me as he will come equipped with spyware remover and my computer is SO badly infested with spyware that it is almost unusable.

So to get through all this tomorrow, and in time to join my neighbors for an appearance at their party, I need a positive attitude about this task at hand. To help, I am reminded that cleaning house can actually be an act of devotion to my God. Because my room is where I meditate, it is where I pray, it is where I practice and choreograph dance which is my favorite form of expressing the Divine Spirit within me. It is, in this regard, a sanctuary to that which gives me life and expression. So it is with great reverence and joy that I clean it and polish it.

I am also reminded of a story in which I learned there a price for peace. And that price is humility. Sometimes when I'm out at the club in my hot little outfits, I think I'm more than I am and I forget to be humble. To get down on my hands and knees and clean, will help return me to humility. And I desire this, because I cannot be a conduit for peace if I think I am above something.

That being said, here is my list. Rather than post it behind an LJ cut, I need it out where I can see it. Because I will be tempted to procrastinate by checking my LJ and e-mail throughout the day - and I need to see it at that time. And when I get these things done, I can proudly check them off my list:

Clean the bathroom sink
Clean the bedroom sink (yes, my bedroom has a sink)
Clean the clutter from the bedroom floor
start laundry
Clean the bathroom floor
Clean the bathtub
vacuum bedroom floor
Clear (or at least neatly pile) desk clutter
Clean out toaster oven
Clean kitchen sink (scrub the hell out of it)
Clean kitchen countertops
sweep and mop kitchen floor
Clean whatever the hell else I forgot to clean.

Shower and end by making an appearance at neighbors party and then heading out to meet friends at fireworks (or stay home if I don't feel like braving the traffic). Return to clean, sparkly home.

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