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socks and cat

working out

My appointment for this afternoon was rescheduled. That means I can spend some time now practicing pole work. I always get such a happy buzz from pole dancing practice. My muscles are like spaghetti now from spending most of the last month either in bed or on my ass. It's time to get strong again. It's time to develop some lean muscle again. It's time to swing from the pole to Billy Idol's Flesh For Fantasy!


I know that pole dancing is becoming a big new workout craze, it amazes me it has taken so long.

From my observations as a young marine all those eons ago in San Diego It can be outstanding excercise.

Theree is nothing quite like a dancer's muscles. Very fit yet very feminine.

Good Workouts!
you should come out to the vogue and do pole work out there with me
Since I both learned on and practice on a stationary pole I can only do about half my tricks on that spinning pole at the Vogue. Can you teach me some spinning pole type tricks?
once you get used to the fact that it spins,
and get used to the centrifical force it's easy
Yes, more exercise doing what you like to do.
That and I don't really have a choice anymore for upper body work out. I went to use my home gym a couple of days ago and it broke!
A silver lining for that cloud.
I should soooo do some working out myself. I need to get rid of some of my fat. Building up a little bit of muscle would not be a bad idea either.


I need to do the same. LARPing as Paladin became a lot more gruelling now that armor means something. Of course, I had to go for the good quality look, so I've got about 50+ pounds of extra mass to accelerate...

...or stop suddenly... :)

Re: Amen...

I dont like armor. That whole not being able to stop quickly or manouver quickly, could end up seriously hurting someone if you accidentally plow into them.

I did a LOT of medieval combat and since we dont use real weapons, I dont think we should be using real armor (on the battlefield, I dont have a problem with it off the battlefield) cause I mean, imagine this... A 6'4" 240lb guy in full plate armor at a full run, trips and falls into a 5'6" 120lb woman with NO armor on. I mean, what is likely to happen to her? She is gonna get CREAMED. A definate trip to the hospital with probably some form of a permenant injury or scar.
That's funny- me and my friend Brian were just discussing this morning which song off of the Billy Idol greatest Hits was the best, and we agreed it was Flesh For Fantasy! good taste


No that thunderclap was not a storm, the mini-quake wasn't Mt. St. Helens... That was my jaw dropping at the visuals that my fertile imagination can create regarding a beautiful woman such as yourself dancing on a pole... :)

Of course, you wouldn't need the pole to get that reaction from me... I'm easily drawn in... ;)

awww...thank you!

What, you don't have your average girls next door jumping up on poles and dancing at the night clubs where you live???

You're welcome

Alas, I don't really know. I'm not much of a club-goer. I don't dance very well, and I have a bit of an aversion to the dance floor. Don't know if that's a typical "guy" thing or just my innate shyness.

I've been to a few clubs in the Burgh, but none of them really have poles or cages as far as I can remember. If I had a choice, I'd go with Chemistry, which is a small, 80s themed club. The small setting's less imposing to this wayward knnnnnnnniggit... :)

And for the record, you're not the average girl next door. You're a couple steps above that. ;)

Re: You're welcome

At least a couple of steps Sir Paladin at least a couple.