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Girl who dances in a cage

And she danced...

I had the most AMAZING time at Moonday at the Fenix tonight! So much fun in fact that I couldn't wait until morning to write about okay. No wait, technically it is morning now.

I was getting ready to go when I got a last minute e-mail from wakingupdancing who was thinking of checking out the event. Neither of us have ever been so I invited him to come along. At the door we ran into monsignor who had one extra ticket left. Yay! Once inside we feasted our eyes on all the beautiful outfits and costumes. I spotted bdsm_teddy pretty quickly but could hardly get a word in as he is such a popular guy!

The first fetish performance of the night was a man who carried a television set onto the stage. The tv was chained to his piercings and it became obvious as the music worked its way up into a climax that he was going to drop the television. The music peaked just as he dropped it and I quickly turned my head to avoid witnessing it. But I didn't have to see it, the collective gasp! from the audience said it all. All shows throughout the night were equally spectacular. But I was just too squeamish to watch them.

I decided to order only one beer for the night as my medication specifically says on the bottle, "Do not take with alcohol." I soon found out why and was grateful I had only one beer. But as Waskingupdancing and I were checking things out downstairs a lady I didn't know offered me her tequila shot. She even assisted me, since I'm a tequila virgin, and rubbed the lime on my hand for me. I licked it as she instructed and tried to down the drink that came in a salt rimmed shot glass. I was not able to drink it all at once and after two tries I was only 2/3 through the drink when I told her I finally had to give up!

The dance floor remained abandoned for a good amount of time and we checked on it regularly in the hope that it would pick up soon. I ran into candy_androgyne who I always recognize much more quickly when he is hardly wearing anything. It really throws me when he's fully dressed. ;) I chatted with goddesslena as well who looked gorgeous in a white/blonde bobbed wig. Meeeeoowww!!!!

I met a couple LJ friends in the flesh for the first time. First darkkisses who also looked fabulous! And later in the night I met codexwyrm who inspired me with his PVC. I liked what he was wearing so much that I want to alter my PVC Trinity coat to look like what he was wearing. sweetestkiss arrived late looking both adorable and sexy in what could be described as a punk gothic german bar maid outfit. Sounds funny I know but it looked sooooo good on her!

I also ran into people I haven't seen in ages. One of them was Snoh. I have a feeling Snoh has a Live Journal but I don't know his handle. I also ran into a gal who I haven't hung out with in months. I can't remember her name but it was really quite funny when we ran into each other because we were wearing the same corset! Fortunately I've had mine slightly altered (cropped in fact) so we didn't look like twins as we chatted and caught up.

As the dance floor picked up we danced up a storm. The music was a million times better than the Vogue or the Mercury (no offense to DJ Eternal Darkness, it's just that I don't like stompy music) and so we danced up a storm! I went to the DJ to request Delerium and was SO surprised when he recognized me as one of the Noc Noc's go-go dancers!!

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All together the night was just the right measure of all the things I miss about clubbing: lots of friends both old and new, great music, and a gentle buzz that lowers my inhibitions just enough to dance like a wild woman until my muscles give out and I drag myself into a pathetic little heap on the side of the dance floor to enjoy conversations with people who never fail to keep me enraptured. Not to mention the CLOTHES. I got a ton of compliments on my shredded skirt and I also enjoyed seeing what everyone else put together. At goth events, everyone is like a walking museum. Their ensembles are not only living art, but they often tell a story about the person inside the beautiful clothes.

I'm so exhausted from dancing...and dancing...and...*sigh*. Oh yes, and I got an invitation to the Ministry concert on Wednesday! I'm thinking that music like that probably won't fit a swirly girl like me. But I'm sooooo tempted!

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