Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Audition TONIGHT!

Tonight I dance for the director of the CSL Talent Gala (and his staff). The audition is sort of a no-brainer in that he's already told me he wants me to perform in the show. So the question is not whether or not I will get in. The questions is whether or not my dance will fit their standards.

Apparently a few years ago at the show, some one complained that one little girl's dance routine was too "provocative." Since then, they have had to be extra sensitive to the nature of the acts. Last year in the show Amy and I did a dance routine together and one of our moves (a floor crawl) was a bit too suggestive and we had to change it.

Now anyone who has seen me dance at the clubs will tell you my dancing is inherently sensual. One person actually described it in their journal as "some serious sex appeal" (which gave me a huge happy grin, by the way). As you can see, we have a problem. I am doing my best while choreographing this routine to preserve all the grace of the dance moves while filtering out much of the sensuality. But some of it naturally slips back in now and then.

Bottom line, if they want me to change my routine I will probably opt not to be in the show rather than compromise my natural way of moving. So let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that when they see it tonight, they will APPROVE!


Last Thursday for my play I straightened my hair. I kept it straight the following day for the Pimp 'n Ho Prom as well. You can see the straight hair in my most recent icon (me with black sparkly veil). And for some straight haired pimp action:

Anyone who knows me, knows that my hair is one big mop of wave and curls. It takes an hour or so to straighten it. I got lots of compliments on it straight. I wish I could do it more often.

Kitten with straight hair:

straight hair

Kitten as a pimp

(this picture doesn't do the way cool pimp hat justice)



Kitten trying to pose like a sexy Pimp-Mama


I have better pictures taken of me and seattlesque (he was dressed as my ho) but I still have 20 pictures left on that roll of fill to use up before I get them developed.


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