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Look, I amuse myself

I so amused myself with my response to shivacat's comment in my last journal entry that I just had to repost it here. Okay, maybe just as dismayed as amused. If you don't have access to that locked post, it was one in which she was questioning whether or not I was still technically "celibate." I don't know what she's talking about. My life is an open book, here online for anyone to judge for themselves.

The dictionary definition of celibate:



One who abstains from sexual intercourse, especially by reason of religious vows.
One who is unmarried

[Latin caelibtus, from caelebs, caelib-, unmarried.]


Oddly enough, the dictionary doesn't seem to have the exact definition I'm looking for. It would go something like:


An involuntary condition resulting when one decides to wait to find a potential lifetime partner before engaging in sexual activity but said potential lifetime partner cannot be found for extended number of intollerable years. Condition is curable by impairing judgement with a combination of two six packs, a very cute boy and a dancing cage (or stripper pole if cage is unavailable).

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