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go-go outfit kitten - letters by shaycbt

a chance to dance in front of 15,000 people

So, how many folks are familiar with the original Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco? This is the one is attended every year by fifteen thousand people</u> and is the one that is imitated all around the country by other wanna be erotic balls. Well I've been invited to come and be one of the dancers at this historic event!

In exchange I will be given two VIP passes. These are valued at $150 each and are better than the normal $59 general admission tickets because they include:

  • Special red carpet entrance so you don't have to wait in the long lines.
  • Backstage access where you can mingle with the celebrities and porn-stars.
  • Two VIP rooms with special entertainment and complimentary hors d'oeuvres.
  • Free drink and special gifts.

The offer does not, however, include air fare to San Francisco. I'm on my own for that one. For the most part I doubt I will do this. The idea of dancing in front of fifteen thousand people is tempting!!! But I prefer dancing here in Seattle where I can share the experience with friends. I won't know any of those 15,000 people so it's not nearly as fun as dancing at clubs here where I can share the joy of it with my friends.


But what the heck, I'll throw this out there anyway and see if there are any takers. Would anyone here in Seattle like to attend the Exotic Erotic Ball? Would anyone be willing to drive down there and pay for the gas in exchange for one VIP ticket valued at $150? And just a warning, there will be nudity at this event. A ton of it actually. So it is not for the squeamish.


I wish I could go.... :(

I've always wanted to.
Sounds like an incredible opportuinty to people watch and meet new and interesing folks. Sadly nashville to seattle to SF is a LONG way especially with budget issues.

If you go It woul dbe cool to hear about it tho'.

I think you should be very flattered.

I also think its understandable about preferring to dance among friends.
How long have you been dancing?

About 2 years now.
do you find much commonality from dancing, king fu and swordplay?

I am always stuck by how inerwoven dance and martial arts seem to be.

I have always admired dancers. Probably because I am so not graceful.
I don't have enough kung fu or swordplay experience to compare them to dancing yet. I'm guessing not because I've seen a couple martial artists dance before and they weren't very good dancers (they stomped around like they were playing whack-a-mole on the dance floor). Then again they were men. Maybe martial arts/dance cross over works better for women.
sounds fantastic...I think you should do all you can to go
wow. this is almost incentive for me to rent a car for a long road trip! We need a fund raiser for rental/transpo cash!
You'd be a great candidate for this. It would be like you died and went to erotic heaven!
Very tempting offer.
Dood. I should see when this is. *blink*

If it's not Halloween, which it probably is.

I'll be in Seattle for Halloween. Irony, no?

October 23rd.

What will you be doing for Halloween while you're in Seattle?
Wow. I'm so jealous. Good luck and congratulations.
Thanks. But I doubt I'll be going.
I've actually heard this before. Based on the fact that this is the second time I've heard this kind of thing, I'm leaning heavily toward the not going.
this is really tempting.
my car gets really good gas millage also.
email me wit wen you want to leave and wen you would like to be back if you would still like to go.

how did you get this oppertunity?
October 23rd? Wow, my birthday :-)
I'd LOVE to do it. We could drive down together, and hell, I'd even dance with you! Let me run it by Rob, but I bet he'd be cool with it!
Even though I'll never be able to afford to go, I hope you'll be able to find some time to grab coffee with me, since you're down here and all!! I'm sure your dancing will be great! I'm behind you even though I'm poor. :)

Sounds... intriguing...

And although I'd be interested just to walk that wild side, I'm afraid that I'll be celebrating my birthday that very day... running around in the woods and hitting people with plumbing supplies (aka LARP). :)

Yes, I'm a geek... and I make it look good... ;)

On another note, some of the guys from www.kwoon.com were at this very ball a while back under the "pretense" that they though it an exotic weapons demo.

And after checking out the site, I'm not sure about all the nudity. C'mon ladies, it's supposed to be exotic -- leave *something* to the imagination . :)

I really need to get away!

OH WOW! THAT SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!! How much would it cost for me in gas $???!!!