Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


Mmmmm...I just heard thunder...THREE TIMES! The rumble of thunder has to be one of my all time favorite sounds. Fog is closing in over my view of the bay. I love that too. I'm so enjoying the fall!

Jai is in town this weekend, starting tonight. And whenever he is in town he takes me wherever I want for dinner. So I've chosen Todai. Don't get me wrong, normally I'm a cheap date. Whenever some one takes me out I usually prefer The 5 Spot on Queen Anne Ave. or just Denny's. But Jai insists on taking me to the best places. Normally all-you-can-eat type places are wasted on me but I think I might be close to eating my money's worth tonight. Okay, at $25 per person, probably not. But I can certainly eat more now than I normally do! I'll probably pass on the sushi and the lobster. But I love sashimi and I'll pack lots of that in along with chicken and lots of samplings from the salad bar and at least 2 different deserts! I wish I could just camp out in that place overnight and nibble and snack at the buffet until morning.

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