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A video that is just my style

I saw the video to Nickelback's "Someday" three times before I finally got it. Maybe the first couple of times I didn't see it from the very beginning and so the end didn't make as much sense. But there were clues I overlooked; the fact that he didn't leave any footprints when walking through spilled milk or the fact that he had no reflection in the rear view mirror. Did anyone else not get this video the first time they saw it?

I mean from the beginning it looks to me like a couple having a fight and breaking up. And even before I got it I was enthralled with this video because it has so much of my style in it. For those not familiar with my background my degree is in television/film and screenwriting. And for my first film project ever in college (cinematography class to be exact) I produced/directed/shot a music video. From then on music videos were my favorite medium of expressing my creativity. And I think Nickelback's "Someday" has a lot of the mystery, romance and science fiction aspects that drew me to film and writing in the first place.

For anyone who hasn't seen it you can use the link in the first paragraph to download it. I'm also including some screen caps here:

opening scene

Girlfriend holds a paper in her hand - visibly upset. It looks like boyfriend just said something that really upset her.


The situation between them seems to escalate, making her cry.


She's so distraught she packs her bag to leave, crying the entire time.


Boyfriend seems to beg her not to leave as she leaves with her suitcase.

getting into car

She lays her suitcase down on the seat beside her as she gets into her SUV.


Boyfriend appears at the car window, trying to stop her from leaving. She just cries and pulls away - leaving him to run along side the car in a desperate attempt to get her attention.

chase after car

She seems too upset to acknowledge him and drives away. He desperately chases after her car.

car crash

She's so upset she doesn't realize she's run a red light. A huge truck crashes into her SUV.


The impact of the collision pushes her SUV for several feet. It's obvious no one could survive this crash.


Boyfriend is in shock as he witnesses the accident.

reaction from back angle

A horrified crowd gathers around the crashed SUV as he approaches it.


As bystanders gather around the SUV she emerges as a bright light and then takes form as she walks away from the accident.


Boyfriend seems sad at first, seeing what's happened to her.


Then in a magic moment his expression changes as he realizes that his girlfriend can finally see him!


They are reunited at last in a desperate embrace.


They marvel for some time at their amazing reunion.

closing shot

As they walk past a newspaper dispenser we get a closer look at a headline that explains everything.

Palau Surnames

free geneology

Anyone else figure out the twist to this video the first, second or third time around? Is it romantic and creative or just a knock off of the well known film that shares the same premise? And is it really a knock off or is it paying homage to the film?

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