Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

There's a show on MTV called I Want a Famous Face in which ordinary people have cosmetic surgery to more closely resemble their celebrity idols. I was blown away by one of the recent transformations.

Identical twins Michael and Matt were self-professed ugly guys. The show followed them and their social interactions and we had a chance to see how quickly women were turned off by them and were trying to avoid them or get away from them at the clubs. Both of them were obsessed with Brad Pitt and wanted to look like him. They both wanted acting careers as well.

These are before and after pictures, including hair make overs after the surgery:

before and after shot

The twin on the left had porcelain veneers (for his teeth), a nose job and a chin implant. The brother on the right had porcelain veneers, a chin implant, and cheek and jaw implants to fill out his face. The difference is amazing.

Now when they walk through the mall or in clubs girls admire them and whisper to one another and stare as they walk by. And women regularly tell them how beautiful they are. When asked about cosmetic surgery one of the brothers said:

"It will change your personality, the way you act and carry yourself forever. I never knew that I could be as happy as I am right now."

I'm continually fascinated with how differently people are treated based on their appearance. I've known several people who were once heavy or overweight and can tell amazing before and after stories...their lives and social circles always transforming for the better after they lose weight. And like these twins, as a performance artist my income depends on my appearance. If they aren't a certain "type" the twins can't get work as actors. And if I lose too much weight I can't get work as a dancer. I suppose the same could be said of gaining weight. I have yet to work anywhere in which any of the other dancers were overweight. In a society that judges by appearance, performers have more pressure than anyone to conform.

I remember seeing a documentary in which they actually tested babies. The results were conclusive, even as infants we give priority to more attractive people. It's as if it is programmed into our genes. One feminist commented, "We are communal creatures, we humans, pack animals all of us. And when we are young, our strongest sense of self-worth will always come from the affirmations of others."

This leads me to ask everyone, where does your strongest sense of self-worth come from?

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