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Cage Kitten ends up drugged at the Mercury

Guess what I found out last night! That's right kiddies, do not mix drugs and alcohol. Not to worry, I was not out pimping myself for drugs. I just had some lower back pain and wanted it gone so I could dance myself silly. I took an over the counter pain reliever called Alieve, technically known as Naproxin Sodium. It's a powerful pain reliever that lasts 8 hours.

By the time I was at the Mercury pimping seattlesque (who was dressed as my ho) and chatting with etherpunk and bdsm_teddy I had completely forgotten about the pain reliever. I even had a wonderful buzz after two beers that convinced me that 3 was all I needed to reach a pleasant lasting dancing euphoria. Alas, this was not to be so.

After 3 beers I felt sick enough that I harbored some concern that one of my drinks had been tampered with. But this would have been impossible since seattlesque and I kept a pretty good eye on our beers when we weren't imbibing them. But some dizziness set in and I kept wanting to just lay down on the floor and pass out. For what seemed like hours I could not sober up. I walked outside, I danced, I chatted with friends. Hey! I even got to finally meet kowboy in person! But I was so drunk I couldn't remember his real name. :(

By just past 3:00am I was probably sober but uncoordinated and so tired I was near passing out. Still trying to figure out how I could be so drunk, I had no idea that I had mixed drugs and alcohol. It wasn't until I woke up this morning (more than once) with my head pounding that I began to suspect something was wrong. After all, how do you get a hangover from 3 beers!?

Mystery solved. Here's the warning I just found on the internet:

Naproxen may cause drowsiness, dizziness, or blurred vision. Alcohol may intensify these effects and increase the risk of accidental injury. Use of alcohol during naproxen therapy increases the risk of stomach irritation and bleeding. People taking naproxen should avoid alcohol.

You think they could have put that warning on the bottle!!!! At this point I figure I'm lucky I didn't pass out while driving home. And I wonder if I'll recover from this headache in time to practice my pole dancing tonight at the Vogue.


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