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socks and cat

Sexy Pimp

I just finished putting together my pimp costume for the Pimp 'n Ho Prom tonight. I think it's pretty sexy. Hopefully I'll be the hottest pimp at the prom (at least of the female variety).

Now where my girls at!? Bring on 'dem bitches!

*practicing my bitch slap*


you can bitch slap yours truly

so duz I get to go with you?...I need an in...

me and my mercury phobia. :)
but somehow I really want to go.
it's like, I'm s'posed to!

Re: you can bitch slap yours truly

Honey I'm not a member. So if you're looking for an "in" then I'm not your gal. If you want a ride there I can help you though.

You still got my number? If not, e-mail me.
ooooooooooooo! Me!

Slap me!

Squee, just remember that you mah Loaner Bitch, yo!



You've stopped CHARGING for me?!?!

What the HELL is THAT about?!?!?

*stomps off in a strop*


Meanin' you're workin' under someone else on loaner. I get a cut an' you're workin' under me later.


Now...gitchooass workin! :D
I get a cut an' you're workin' under me later.

Well as long as I get to be under you at some point.

*ducks and covers*


*rubs bottom*

Now...gitchooass workin! :D

Okay, but I aint working for HIM:


I stabbed him in the crotch with a skewer once cause he wouldn't leave me alone.

You're my PIMP - aren't you supposed to make the muggleskeezoids leave me ALONE?!?!

I'm gonna bitch slap BOTH you ho's if you don't stop bickering!!!

But..but...you LOVE me.

Because I...um...because I'm SPECIAL!!!
No, I love you cause you tell me too.

Hey! Don't call my Master a Ho!

I hope you got pictures. I'd hate to totally miss you in your pimp outfit.
Damn! Why doesn't anyone throw parties like that where I live.

Brisbanes such a hole!

Dress up parties are so much fun! I hope you have/had a good time.
If I was around for this, I would have so totally been a ho for you.


That didn't sound too right did it?


OH you know what I mean!