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Return of quote of the day....

Today's quote of the day is a very short little story, and an uplifting one. There is a question for you at the end:

Ever feel frazzled? Try taking three young kids to run errands. That's what I did one April afternoon when I braved a department store with my four year old and toddler twins in tow. "Mommy needs towels and a shower curtain. Then we can go home," I said. But the twins were already squirming in the stroller.

By the time I got to the linen department, they were having a total melt down - kicking and bawling. I could feel the stares of other shoppers. "Can't people keep their kids quiet?" one muttered.

Then an elderly woman came up. I braced myself for more criticism. Instead, she said, "Looks like you could use a hand." She nudged her husband who headed to another department. He returned with three small bags, one for each kid. Inside? Chocolate Easter bunnies.

You never saw two toddlers stop crying so fast. What a sweet reminder that patience and understanding do exist in a busy world!

-Peggy Weber
Danielsville, Pennsylvania

Question for you:

Describe a situation in which you were tempted to or could have criticized but instead decided to become part of the solution rather than contribute to the problem. What did you do?

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