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sword crossing pole

I'm sorry, you didn't actually need those testicles did you?

Every Wednesday this month is self defense day in Kung Fu (ther other two days per week we learn something else). So last week the Sifu told the men to wear a cup this Wednesday. *cringe* This means we're gonna get serious tonight. The boys in my class are all so nice, I hope I don't hurt anyone. I mean I want to learn to break their arms and send them to the floor sprawling in pain. But I only want to learn it, I don't actually want do any real damage in class. I hope they follow the Sifu's advice.


Making mental note: it's easier to hurt potential rapists.

Well, I suppose that depends on if it's just a cup, or an actual protector, like boxers wear...if it's a foulproof cup, and they're adjusted properly (that's the tricky part...making sure that you don't pinch the marblebag), you'll be able to whale away to your heart's content...
They were warned, if they don't wear one they only have themselves to blame.

Not surprising...

It's actually a wise precaution to take. Given the nature of self defense you don't want to hold back if you are in danger. Plus there's more than one target of opportunity between the legs. There's the femoral artery and at a major nerve cluseter on the inside of the thigh. Hit that hard enough and you can drop somebody quick.

Any attacks in that whole general area would make my grandchildren's lives pass before my eyes. If you're still worried about it, just be sure to communicate that with your partner and get the technique down before you go full speed.
Don't hurt them too bad....they know what may happen if they don't wear one!!!