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Wanted: One Cupid

For anyone coming to my performance Thursday night 6/26...

Here are some corrections to the original invitation:

  • Northwest Actors Studio is not 2 doors down from the Vogue as I had originally posted. It's more like 5 or 6 doors down.

  • We are performing 5 scenes, not 4. Since I'm not in one of them, I completely forgot it was there (yeah, self-centered much?). Each scene is a mini-story of it's own - so it's 5 separate little stories.

  • The Acting I and Acting II class will go on before we do, performing monologues. Not to worry, their monologues are only 1 minute each. So 5 minutes for each class, at most. Then my class goes on, and our show is between 20 to 30 minutes.

I have no idea if we will pull of this performance or not. Susan continues to bungle her lines. Which I will not entirely fault her for, because Steve and I keep going up on our lines during one particular part. But we're professionals and we improvise and carry it off and keep going. Susan breaks character every time she screws up. She'll swear, or out of frustration she'll throw in a word that is so riduculous (doesn't fit the scene) that I lose it and start laughing. It's okay to screw up on a line on stage...IT HAPPENS! But you don't stop the scene, you don't break character, you muddle through and just keep going. The girl has a BA in Drama from UW. Why does she not know this!?!?

The love scene (if you can call it that) comes and goes between myself and Steve. I'm starting to find movitation in the scene for some lines which otherwise would sound fake when I say them. Stuff like, "Oh Ted I can't stand it" are almost sounding believable coming out of my mouth. But I have a way to go yet. Sometimes Steve and I are right on and the sexual tension works. Sometimes I just sound like I'm delivering silly romantic lines. To make matters worse, Susan still forgets her cues in this scene. Fortunately the other actors are starting to cover for. Although last night during rehearsal she wasn't looking where her hand was going and when she reached to get my attention (which is part of the scene) she practically grabbed my ass! I busted up laughing because it was so ridiculous. Ruined the scene. That's my one downfall. If something ridiculous happens, I lose it. I will not lose it during the performance dammit!!!!!!

And for anyone watching the show and wondering...which guy is it that CageKitten said was yummy...we'll you'd be surprised. Ever been attracted to some one who is not your type? He's so not my type. I don't normally go for African American men. And I never (heavy emphasis on NEVER) go for men who don't have hair. But his energy is cool. And the weird thing is, I like the way he pushes my chair in during the first scene (I play his mother!). All my life I've hated it when men pull out the chair for you and push it in when you are seated. It's awkward and weird. When he does it, it's smooth. He once switched places with Steve to do the end of the love scene with me, just because he wanted to. When he delivered the lines, they were no longer silly. They were smooth. Damn that man is smooth! But smooth men are so NOT my type. What's up with this???

I guess I had better investigate, but I can't approach him on my own. Anyone out there want to play cupid for me?

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