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I can't stop it. I can't make it stop! I just wanted to listen to the song once last night before I went to sleep. Turned out the lights, crawled into bed, put on the walkman. Instead of falling asleep to it as I intended, I found myself actually choreographing the dance routine in my head. OH MY GOD!! I didn't even know I could choreograph in my head!!!!

Even in the bathroom at work I find myself working on the couple moves I've already choreographed. I need to squelch this urgent desire to dance. I mean for god's sake I have an acting performance on Thursday! We're so UNDER-rehearsed and not ready!! But instead of further developing my character and polishing my lines...I'm choreographing a routine for an entirely different performance! I must make this theatre performance a priority but I can't stop it! It's official: in my heart dancing has eclipsed acting.

Of the few moves I have practiced, I notice some closely resembling the katas I did during my short 2 month stint (years ago) in kung fu. Ironic. When my spirit and body are called to do something -- they insist! If I won't answer the call to study martial arts now then the ghost of katas and powerful strikes will begin to surface in my dancing. I love it when I am so tuned in to the Universe that my calling works through me (even if I resist it). Isn't life just about finding your calling, your song, your purpose and letting it work through you to benefit others?

Now if the Universe would just reveal to me where the "benefit others" part comes in...


And from an "Inside Kung Fu" magazine interview with "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" actress Zhang Ziyi:

Inside Kung Fu:
Do you have any martial arts or wushu training?

No, I can’t claim to. I was a dancer for six years.

Inside Kung Fu:
But you looked so spectacular in “Crouching Tiger”.

It was just my dancing background. A lot of the Chinese action stars aren’t fighters, but they train in theatrical wushu. I was able to pick up the moves because I was a dancer.


CageKitten's note: Interesting. This leads me to believe there is some relationship between dancing and martial arts. But I don't know what the similarities are yet.

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