Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I'll never tell

Stolen from sabrinamari and catpaw67 and seedmoon:

Write ten statements intended for ten different people. Never tell which one is to whom.

1. It's so tempting to give you a lot of advice because I've been there. But just because I've been there doesn't mean I know her or you. So stop me anytime.

2. I empathize so totally and completely with you. But I can't help you. So I just watch like a far away angel.

3. People who live paycheck to paycheck look pretty silly criticizing the financial responsibleness of those who have savings, an IRA, and no debt. Here's a towel...use it to wipe the egg off your face.

4. Woah. I've never witnessed a family where everyone was so loved and so treated with respect. You have your own past (and present) to heal from, and yet you overflow with love and caring for others like no one I have ever known. Just...woah.

5. I'm sorry to break this to you, but you're not actually psychic enough to know what people's motivations and intents were or what really happened to them when you weren't there to witness it. Quit fooling yourself into thinking you know so much.

6. You seem so neutral and respectful at times. And then I see you turn around and gossip...even about one of the nicest people I know. I don't get it.

7. You worked hard at being who you want to be. And you you took on a volunteer commitment that most folks wouldn't touch because they're too busy partying and clubbing and gaming. Damn that's admirable!

8. There's a reason all your attempts at dating end the same way. My hope is that someday you'll stop thinking you're a victim of these women and realize you and your baggage are the common denominator in these situations. Until then, you'll have to crash and burn a few more times.

9. Hey girlie, it's not the same without you.


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