Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

You think you know us, but you don't

My cell phone almost met it's death today in a watery grave. Okay...maybe just a sandy one. I spent the afternoon at the beach with some one today and we climbed up onto the rocks overlooking the water so we could chat. My cell phone went tumbling but before it fell between the rocks he managed to grab it and rescue it! Later we walked to a shady grassy area where he taught me to spin poi . That was cool! I seemed to pick it up quickly but like so many things my ADD got in the way. One minute I would be spinning and turning and the next I would stop to watch the huge cruise ship that was making it's way out to the ocean. I would try to spin again, but was lost in the idea of perhaps taking a cruise before the summer is over. I also managed to bonk myself in the head a few times with the poi, which made me laugh every time.

Human nature and Live Journal were two of my favorite topics over the course of the afternoon. We were in agreement that people often read the Live Journals of folks they don't know and just assume that from doing that they actually know who the person is and what they're about. I want to say that's sad but the truth is, that's how people function. We see a person or a situation and in order to make meaning of it we fill in the blanks with our own personal experiences and imaginations. We can't not do it. Down to the core humans are meaning making machines. But because everyone has a unique set of experiences in life, dozens of people can read the same Live Journal and each one can have a different interpretation or assumption of who that person is.

Hmmmm...I'd like to conduct an experiment here just to illustrate this. Perhaps I can find a neutral LJ out there somewhere and have everyone describe who they think that person is and what they're about. You'll be surprised by how dramatically different all the interpretations will be.

Anway, dinner with friends tonight. Off I go.

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