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Kung Fu, belly dancing and a jealous mistress

Sometimes life is made easier when it pushes you to do something. I have been trying to make a decision. When this show is over I'll have two months before the fall quarter starts. Two months to concentrate on my body and gift it with either:

1. Belly dancing lessons - I've taken two beginning classes and want to take another once more before moving on to the intermediate class.


2. Kung Fu - I have several reasons for this. Mostly I need the discipline. And it's beautiful. It has a spiritual aspect. And quite frankly I'm a 5'2" 105 pound helpless girl that's weak as a kitten and spends FAR too many nights walking alone to her car (from clubs) at 2:00 in the morning. I'd feel safer doing so if I knew how to kick some ass!!!

Obviously these are both art forms that would have to be pursued beyond my two month break. But whichever one I start this summer will get me started on what could possibly be a lifetime love. So here I've been pondering and wondering which one to do and even posted on the SeaGoth Board asking for Kung Fu school recommendations. Then something else came up. The 3rd Annual Center For Spiritual Living Art & Talent Gala.

What makes this "talent show" (if you can call it that) such a huge deal is the size of the audience. That's right, if you're an artist, size matters! Over 400 people attended last year. I choreographed a dance routine that shivacat and I front of 400 people!!! For weeks afterward people would spot me after service and come up to me and tell me how much they enjoyed our dancing.

Auditions are in two weeks and I was thinking there was no way in hell I could choreograph a dance routine in time for it. Then I came home from rehearsal today and started to play Das Rad des Schicksals from the new E Nomine CD and that's when it hit me. This song makes me feel good. This song excites me. This song can make me dance even if I don't want to. It's been courting me and making me it's bitch since the the first time I played it. I can deny it no longer. I will indeed dance to it...IN FRONT OF 400 PEOPLE at the CSL Art & Talent Gala on August 1st.

Belly Dancer

So much for Kung Fu and Belly Dancing. I will be spending my evenings and weekends choregraphing and rehearsing this dance routine. Just 5 more days and my acting class is over (our performance is this Thursday). Dance is a jealous mistress, she's calling me back!

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