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Back....ouch, ouch, ouch -- Neck....ow, ow, ow...

Life of a true performer I suppose. In the cage last night, and now off to rehearsal this morning. My body is telling me it was a rough night and it would like to stay home and rest now please. Umm....damn...sorry. No can do.

After rehearsal I would like to go to the evening service at Center For Spiritual Living but it's not likely to happen. The actors are talking about getting together after rehearsal for food or drinks. To bond, I guess. Plus I still need to pour through the paper for job listings, do a load of laundry, send out resumes, make my weekly unemployment claim (I keep it active because I never know when this temp job will end), and I would very much like to catch up on my friends' LiveJournal entries, which I can't do at the moment because I'm off to rehearsal now. And this all needs to be done before I put my body to bed by 11:00pm

Lower back hurts, along with some minor neck pain. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a firm believer in the fact that our consciousness and beliefs shape our reality. Well I've realized that I'm absorbing and believing everything my massage practitioner tells me about my body...that due to my car accident injuries my muscles will strain and hurt easily after 3 hours of go-go dancing. I'm done with that reality. I'm done worrying while I'm in the cage that I might be doing some permanent damage to myself. That reality doesn't serve me. I'm taking care of the muscles. I stretch afterward, I go home and take a hot shower and stretch again, I even stretch more in the morning. I'm going to do all the right things. But my reality is no longer one in which I am frail and hurt easily. I'm young and my body knows how to heal from an accident. End of story. Off to rehearsal now.

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