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Welcome to Saturday

A Saturday morning...finally...a chance to get 10 hours of sleep! And what does my body decide to do? That's right, wake up after only 7 hours and refuse to go back to sleep. Anxious to be awake? Wow. I guess I'm more excited about life than I realized!

And a huge:


to transcendence1 (and friend who helped him) for the copy of E Nomine's new CD Die Prophezeiung! This is so cool not just because the CD is still unavailable here in the US but because as I recover from 10 months of unemployment, I simply can't afford to spend $20 on a CD like this. Thank you so much, it will bring me hours of dancing pleasure!

Now onto the mundane chore like tasks at hand...then practice my lines for my show on Thursday night...then a graduations party in the early evening...then I work as a dancer at the Catwalk tonight!

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