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A new feature in my Live Journal

The first time I saw this link to the animal shelter adoption page in lizardmonk's Live Journal I actually cried looking at all the cat pictures. The reason for this was that some of the kitties had cuts, scrapes and other signs of mistreatment or just having lived a hard life on the streets. Sometimes it's just seeing pictures of them locked in those tiny cages that breaks my heart.

I found the animal shelter adoption page for seattle HERE. The shelter is currently in need of foster homes for some of the kitties because of overcrowding. If anyone would like to attend the orientation on how to become a temporary foster home to a cat - you can join me for the next one on August 7th.

In the mean time I'm going to try and post a picture of a cat that is available for adoption at least once per week. And here is the first one:



Kanga is being adored in a foster home, and is currently not at the shelter. Please call the foster care hotline at 206-615-0737 to arrange a meeting! Here's what her foster mom has to say about her -

Kanga came from a litter of four, who were picked up as semi-feral strays. After some time in foster care, she's well socialized and all set to find her forever family. She's so cute, with pink bunny ears and a little pink nose! She purrs loudly to show her appreciation when you pet her. She's inquisitive and playful, just as a kitten should be. She loves all kind of toys, from shoelaces to fishing pole toys to plastic milk jug rings. One of her favorite pastimes is wrestling with her brothers.

Kanga is very friendly towards people, but does not care for children. She has good litterbox habits, and is learning to use a scratching post. Her appetite is great, her tummy is roly-poly! This sweetheart will make someone a very special companion.

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