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Today at noon I have a Lasik consultation appointment. It's probably a complete waste of time for me to drive over to Renton for this. But it's costing me over $500 a year for eye exams, glasses, contacts, lense solutions etc. My sight is so bad in one eye that I have to have special lenses made for it that are ridiculously more expensive than most folks have to pay for glasses. So basically the procedure is free as far as I'm concerned because if it's less than $1,500 then it will pay for itself after only 3 years (with the money I won't be spending on glasses and contacts and exams). Don't you love how I can rationalize this? :)

I actually looked into having this procedure done several years ago and was told I was not a good candidate because my pupils are unusually large. And while this makes my eyes rather pretty to look at, it means the laser is not wide enough to cover the entire surface of my pupil. The result will be a halo or "flaring" effect at night or at the movies. Lights will sort of blur around the edges. Not something I'm looking forward to having for the rest of my life. But I also recall getting an elbow in the face as I was walking across the dance floor one night (when I was working as a dancer and on my way to take a break). I lost a lense and was so blind without even one of them that I had to get one of the other dancers to help me dig through my purse and find a spare. I'm also tired of the contacts drying up at parties when I stay late. I'm also tired of having them tear in half or roll up into my eye and get lost (I swear there's probably still a contact or two lost in the back of my eye). And I'm tired of being half blind.

What are the chances of the procedure having advanced so much that it covers larger pupils now AND is only $1,500. I'm not holding my breath. But there is only one way to find out. Off I go to Renton.

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