Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Hey, isn't there more room on the dance floor than this?

Home from working at the club. Most of my clubbing type friends aren't usually there, they've been more Vogue or Mercury types. But tonight at the club I got to hang out with bdsm_teddy, sweetestkiss, rayce and a few other folks who I can't tag because they don't have LJ's.

Anyway, I'm too tired to give an interesting rendition. But the music was a little stompier than usual which was fine with me because the night put me in an unusually stompy kind of mood. Okay, well I don't actually claim to be able to stomp. Rather I just twirl and flail extra hard. And in the interest of never wearing the same outfit twice I managed to pull a new outfit together. It included a sheer pleated skirt that I shredded and put together with lots of PVC and a little glitter to make what I guess I could call my goth pixie/fairy outfit.

At one point a song played that made me feel particularly expressive and I found that the go-go stage was just too small to contain me. The little stages, in addition to being small, have candles lined around the base at our feet to help light us. So any flailing or spinning could either result in falling off the stage or setting the nearest patron on fire. So I opted to dance that particular song on the dance floor.

On the floor I found I had more room to twirl and flail and I really just let loose and became the music. But then I noticed out of the corner of my eye that one guy was dancing particularly close to me. No problem I think to myself, I'll just move a little this way. Whoops, can't move that way. There's another guy kind of dancing his way closer on that side. I look for another way out only to find that another one is sort of stomping and dancing mighty close. I realize that these guys have been watching me on stage all night and perhaps just want an opportunity to get a little closer to me. I don't know for sure. Usually folks spread out accordingly on the floor to give each other stomping and flailing room. Once I realized this wasn't going to happen I just closed my eyes and went back letting the music have it's way with me. I figured if they wanted to dance that close to me they were willing to risk getting twirled into or whacked by said flailing.

I basked in some wonderful compliments tonight (some of them from a couple of the guys who were closing in on me on the dance floor). It feels good to have my dancing impact people so much. It also felt amazingly good to just let loose on the dance floor a couple times rather than confine myself to the small go-go stage. I'll have to make a point of doing that more often.

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