Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

a fun fetish night!

I love it when fetish night at the Vogue falls on the day before a holiday. I had a blast tonight! Waaayyyy to many people and much too late to name everyone by LJ user tag (okay, maybe a couple) but suffice it to say I saw more folks and friends than I expected to. Got my fill of hugs for the week. :)

sweetestkiss looked fabulous dancing up on the go-go box (you go girl!). evillinn had these AMAZING red PVC boots that made her 6'1" tall. And I've been dressing so risque for my work as a dancer that I actually felt conservative just because I was wearing long PVC pants and a cropped corset. I thought it would be a good idea to dress down for the night but there were girls everywhere wearing almost nothing but a few straps, garter belts and some electrical tape. I really could have fit right in wearing my work outfits.

My favorite part of the night was pole dancing. The best dancers are always the men and there was one blonde guy who was very talented as well as graceful and strong spinning on the pole. I talked to him and found out he is a dancer at a male strip club. Toward the end of the night I pole danced to an Enigma song and hung upside down from the pole! I manage to do it with just my legs and only one hand now. If I use the new work out machine I just bought my legs should get strong enough to hang upside down by my legs alone (no hands)! After I was done the blonde pole dancing guy complimented my floor work. Wow, I forgot that guys can't do floor work. I mean they can but I don't know if there's anything sexy about watching a guy roll around on the floor. I could be wrong. Anyway he taught me a couple tricks there at the club and offered to teach me professionally for $40 per hour. It's good to know what other pole dancing teachers are charging. Now I know what to charge when I start giving private lessons.

One of the tricks he taught me involves pressing my back to the pole while I'm spinning and one of the times I practiced it I actually slammed my back into the pole as I spun. So I can add that to all the pole bruises I may have on my legs by tomorrow. Worth every minute of it! And nothing motivates me to work out like seeing what other folks can do on the pole. The more muscle I have, the more tricks I can do!

Oh and before I forget, glitzkrieg performed at the Vogue tonight and they were all fabulous!

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