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socks and cat

they want me back

Just got a call, the psychiatric crisis clinic wants me back again to fill in for their sick receptionist today. "They love you over there," my temp agency rep told me. I love it there too but I was hoping for at least one day off this week to catch up on stuff. Ah well, there's still next week.

Oh, and I did find out yesterday why I'm so slammed over there. You see it's a two receptionist desk. There is supposed to be one to juggle phones and one to juggle all the patients/clients that come to the window. Apparently one receptionist is out sick and the other is on vacation.

No internet for me today. Off I go. Weeeee!!!


I thought it before and I will say it again; LOL, (last time I tried to submit it as a comment it erorred) - anyway: I think they will end up offering you a full time position there. So, get ready for a career! Divinity Bless you! Not many are willing to put in the effort and love that you can. Thank you!
My rep at the agency said that since they love me and I love the job that she has already spoken to human resources to see if they can use me. I'm only willing to do this part time though. So it wouldn't work out if they offered me a full time position.