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Emotions and the body...part II (cellular damage and aging)

So, how many folks are familiar with the hypothalamus? When you experience an emotion the hypothalamus, located in your brain, releases peptides (amino acid sequences, different chemicals for every emotional state) into your body. And what to these little peptides do you? They dock.

Every cell in your body has receptors in it for peptides to dock. So your emotional state literally infects every cell in your body. Once the peptide docks in the cell it sends a signal directly into the cell. These signals actually change the biochemical make up of you cells. So events in your life, and how you react to them (i.e. which emotion you choose and the resulting peptides released), can actually change the nucleus of your cells.

If you have a particular emotion often (see my last post on emotions to explain how and why this can happen) the cells of your body will actually reproduce with MORE receptors for that particular peptide. So imagine this, you’re angry all the time or anxious all the time. The cells in your body are splitting and reproducing with more receptors for that anger or anxiety related petide. But there is only so much room on a cell for so many receptor sites. So as your cells divide they will be reproduced with more receptors for that emotion's peptide and thus less receptors for important things such as nutrition!

That’s right. It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat or how many vitamins and supplements you take. If you’re cells have experienced years of anxiety or anger or any other form of emotional abuse they won’t have as many receptors to absorb the nutrients. The most healthy diet in the world won’t help you.

How does this effect aging? Not getting enough nutrients means you cells are not able to produce enough protein. Protein carries out most of the work in cells. And aging is one of the results of improper protein production. If you’re angry or anxious (or some other negative emotion) frequently, expect your body to break down faster than it normally would.

So if you’re thinking by now, wow, I want to change my emotions…there is a catch. Your body can actually become addicted to the chemicals produced during that frequent emotion. More on this in my next post about what I learned from What the #$*! Do we Know

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