Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

club hugging

Although we spoke beforehand and he said he would show, I really didn't expect Lance to show up to the club last night. I think he's only in town for a couple days and he had at least 2 other clubs to visit to catch up with all his friends. So I was really surprised and happy to see him when he showed up around midnight. I missed him at first, and he gave me this lool like "HELLO! Where's my hug!?" I ran up to him, jumped up on a chair inbetween us and leaped from there into his arms! I just totally wrapped my legs and arms around him as he lifted me high off the ground and spun me around in the hugest bear hug ever.

We must have been quite a sight. Not long after that one of the regulars asked me, "So, I guess you know that guy huh?"


Lance also made the most incredible dance partner during a very sexy remix of Wumpscut's Wreath of Barbs.

More about my awsome night later in a more filtered post. :)

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