Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

my first manage a trois

I was at a friend's Tuesday night when his cat Ross jumped onto my lap. This of course made me happy so imagine my joy when his other cat Rusty jumped up to join us. In spite of being the biggest cat cuddle slut ever I have never had two cats in my lap at once!

At first they worked well together, licking and kneading one another as they snuggled with me. But eventually they wanted their own space and one moved closer to my body while the other rested further out near my knees. Just adorable!

And last night was very spontaneous for me. Usually I plan out my evenings days in advance. But my friend Dianna called and invited me over to watch a move she just rented. It turned out to be Mona Lisa Smile.

And Friday night should be interesting. In addition to a tentative get together with previously mentioned cat owning friend, I have also managed to RSVP to not one but two parties Friday night. Oy! I can't help it. It's warm out and everyone is suddenly scheduling last minute barbeques. If I can manage friend and two parties in one night, could that qualify as my second manage a trois?

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