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socks and cat

What a cool birthday, can I change mine to that too?

I remembered that this is the month of the birthday of my very first boyfriend ever. Not because I was thinking of him, but because it's just impossible to forget the birthday of some one who was born on 6/6/66.


Mine is 6/6/71 :)
Same birthday!
Only if you wait 2 years. Then you can have 6/6/6. ;-)
My ex-husband's was 11-16-66 111666; I always thought that was kinda cool.
Hey! Welcome back to the world of the internet! I missed you!
still only kinda here--little more than a lurker
My mom, bless her heart, wanted to "hold on" for a few more weeks so that my birthday would be 7/7/77. Unfortunately for her, I came out on 6/28/77... still three weeks late!
mine is 9-9-76

which is totally irrelavant to your post :)
but just to share, and ya, it's hard to forget a b-day like that.

sorry I haven't commented in a while, but I have been scrolling through my freinds page to keep up to date on everyone's lives :)

take care
my names ariel i was born in april and iam in aries..lol..if that amounts to much..blah..heh..
P.S. cute icon
also my last name is scotish, thought you should know since you seem like a highlander fan,..my dad named my sister heather because of that movie..heh.
He named her after Heather in the movie? Now THAT is a fan!


Mine is 6/7/67...