Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Go ahead...envy me!!!

Shortly after I show up to work the supervising bartender tells the other dancer and myself to have a seat over at a booth and he'll be right over to talk to us. So both of us assume, well...this is it, the budget is getting tighter and he's going to let us go after tonight.

WRONG! Instead he hands us tickets to the sold out Skinny Puppy concert one block away and a stack of VIP passes to our club and tells us to go promote our Skinny Puppy after party! Yeah...I GOT PAID TO GO TO SKINNY PUPPY! Sadly the other dancer didn't want to leave her friend behind (and we didn't have an extra ticket for him), so her ticket went to some one else. They plied me with alcohol before I headed over there with one of the bartenders (it turned out to be a Red Bull with orange flavored vodka). Our club owner spotted us later at Show Box and bought me another drink. So yeah, I got paid to go to the concert AND got free drinks. :) Do I have the best job ever or what!?

After the show I promoted our after party. Then I headed back to find our club PACKED! And that's just the way I love it! And the "go-go dancer gone bad" outfit I put together was a success - based on the number of compliments and the fact that I had more people hit on me tonight than all the other nights I've worked there combined. Yes, go-go dancer gone bad is the new fetish. I also have some naughty details about tonight...but that will have to wait until tomorrow and a more filtered post. ;)

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